What are Facebook Ads​?​

Facebook ​advertising is essentially highly targeted online marketing. The ads can appear in a user’s personal Facebook newsfeed & on the right-hand column of the Facebook homepage.

When will my ads run? 

We run your ​Facebook Advertising campaigns on a monthly basis from the date you sign up (we will need advertiser access to your page to get started). Each month we run a fresh new campaign for your pharmacy.​ 

How will I know if it is working?

You will receive a report at the end of each campaign explaining how your ads​ performed. If you have questions about that report, call me at (877) 959-7550!

What is my ad budget? 

We require a minimum of $100 ad spend to be spent throughout the duration of each month. However, you can certainly add additional dollars to your campaigns. To increase your Facebook ad spend, just contact us.

Who will see my ads?

Our campaigns will advertise your pharmacy to your surrounding community. We focus on promoting your overall business, not specific products your pharmacy offers.

What are the benefits of our program? 

The focus of our digital marketing program is to increase your pharmacy brand’s awareness. By helping your pharmacy maintain a competitive online presence, we increase your business’ visibility to the community.