Unlike Facebook, Twitter limits the amount of characters you're able to use in a message. Each tweet is only allowed 140 characters and if the tweet you compose exceeds that, Twitter will not let you send the tweet. This provides a fun challenge when composing your message and forces you to use a little bit of extra creativity. Here are some tips for fitting your message into 140 characters.

  • Get to the point! 
    • Condense your idea to be short and sweet
    • Think about what's at the heart of what you want to say
  • Use abbreviations
  • Remove punctuation
  • Remove extra spaces (like at the end of the message)
  • Shorten links 

If all this fails, it's okay to send two separate tweets. But keep in mind that many Twitter users follow thousands of accounts and even if you're tweets are 30 seconds apart, they may not end up back-to-back on your followers' timelines. You can counter this by writing the whole post and then copy/pasting half and half, to limit the time between each tweet. You can also add "cont'd" at the end of your first tweet so that users know there is more.

You can also write a quick blog post and link to it, if you really have a lot to say about something. Write your blog post to your heart's content (or find a link to a good news article) and then write a quick teaser as your tweet. Your followers will click the link and know what the longer message is that you are trying to communicate!