So, you have this great Facebook page that you've worked hard to create and keep updated. You post the latest info, news, and discounts. But you only have a hand full of likes. How do you get more followers? You know you have more than a few customers!

Claim your vanity URL

Wait...vanity URL? Your vanity URL is a URL specific to your pharmacy's Facebook page. When you first create your page, your URL looks like this:

and when you claim your vanity URL, it will look like this:

When you claim your vanity URL, it will make it easier for your fans to find and remember you on Facebook. To learn how to claim yours, click here.

Ask your customers!

There's no shame in saying "Guess what! We're on Facebook!" to your next customer. They may not know you're online, so letting them know is important. You can also post flyers from here!

Invite your friends!

All you have to do is go to your page, scroll down to the "invite your friends to like" box, and blast out some invites! It's a great way to get likes without saying anything. Your friends will get a notification saying that you've invited them to like your page and hopefully they will simply hit the like button! 

Try Facebook Ads

Growing your page can be a tedious process. A great way to speed this up is by putting a few dollars a day into it with Facebook ads. Not sure how to make an ad? Our advertising specialists can help you out! 

Post community-centered content

Gain organic followers by simply posting relevant content. Even if you are already getting an RxWiki feed to your store, it's important to post your own content as well. Do you have a sale coming up? Is there a holiday? Your followers want to see valuable content. This could be funny/cute pharmacy related cartoons, information about causes you support, and especially health tips. You want your clients to see you as the expert both in person and online! 

Here are some other ideas for content: 

We've noticed that some of our most popular content is about our staff. We love to dress up for holidays or events and post a picture on Facebook! We've also seen pharmacies post photos of their staff using/wearing products they sell, which is also a great way to get engagement from your followers. And more engagement means a higher post reach, which means more likes for your page!

Finally, don't forget to post events like vaccinations, sales, and classes to your page. You can also post coupons and other promotions to your page and create specific ones for those who "like" your page!