It's always good to have a variety of types of posts on your page. You will want to mix in promotions for your business with news and other informational posts because if you post only promotions about your business, it will come off as "spam" to your followers...and no one wants to follow a spam page. Well, okay, but figuring out what exactly you want to post is still difficult. Here are a few prompts to get you started. 

A few ideas: 

  • Since we have to talk about promotions, what types of promos is your business offering? 
    • Do you have weekly coupons? Is there a big sale coming up? Have you just received new products? 
    • If your promotions are things you can take a picture of, post photos! If not, a simple "Check out this week's coupons!" definitely works. 
  • Think about what's happening at your business...
    • Has a member of your staff competed in a 5k or other fund raising event for a good cause? Anything that's relevant to your field is fair game! 
    • We've also found that our followers love posts about us! So if your staff coordinates to wear red to support Go Red for Women, take a picture and post it! Have everyone dress up for the holidays and post a photo of that! 
  • What's happening in your field? Has a new study been released? 
  • Are there questions being asked that could be important to your customers? 
    • For example; if you're selling chocolate bars, the question may be as simple as "sweet or salty?"!
    • You can ask people to "like" a photo of their favorite product and post photos or request comments on what your customers think their perfect product would be. 

Finally, keep an eye on your page and see which types of platforms and posts are getting the most engagement. After all, the point of your social media presence is really to drive engagement with your customers. If your customers engage primarily on your Facebook page and like and comment on photos of your staff, you may want to keep those posts flowing. Review this content regularly because social media is always changing.