Has a friend, colleague, or page you like posted something you'd like to add to your business' page? You can share this to your page in a couple of ways. 

If you are using Facebook as your personal profile, follow the steps below: 

1. On the post you'd like to share, click "share" underneath the post, above where it says who "likes this." 

2. At the top of the Share Box, click the drop down menu where it says "On your own Timeline." 

3. Select "On a Page you Manage." 

4. Underneath that drop down menu, make sure your pharmacy is selected. If not, click the name of the page and choose the one you wish to post to.

5. Write any additional notes you'd like to say in the text box.

6. Click "Share" in the lower right corner. 

If you are using Facebook as your pharmacy, follow the steps below: 

1. Scroll through your news feed and find what you would like to share.

2. Click "Share" on the lower right corner of the post.

3. Write something of your own to add to the post, if you'd like.

4. Click "Share."